Ambulance cover

Ambulance cover in Australia can be a bit confusing. Depending on which state you live in, there are different rules for ambulance transport and ambulance subscriptions.

If you live in VIC, SA, WA or NT

We recommend taking out an ambulance subscription with your state ambulance service provider to ensure you are covered for all ambulance services.

Frank members with selected extras products can claim a benefit on this cost each year (see below).

If you live in NSW, ACT, QLD or TAS

You might already be covered for ambulance services within your state but make sure you check with the provider whether they’ll cover you nationally. See your state’s ambulance provider for more information on ambulance subscription and cover rules.

I am covered for emergency ambulance on my policy, do I still need a subscription?

If you live in WA, VIC, SA, or NT the short answer is yes, you still need a subscription for full coverage.

The definition of emergency ambulance cover means clinically necessary ambulance transport and does not include:

  • Ambulance transport from a hospital to your home, or ambulance transfers between hospitals
  • Any services which are not operated by an ambulance provider recognised by Frank
  • Any non-emergency services, as determined by the ambulance provider

To avoid any out-of-pocket costs for these services, you will need a subscription.

For all other states and territories, you will need to check with your ambulance provider for details and areas of coverage.

Can I claim my ambulance subscription?

Some frank members may be able to claim their annual subscription. See your product fact sheet for further information.

How do I claim my ambulance subscription?

To claim your subscription login to the frank member area. You can submit an email confirmation of your membership as your receipt.