What health support programs are available?

If you’re thinking about starting a family you can learn about all things labour, birth and early parenthood with an antenatal class. You’re covered for antenatal programs on Frank’s Lots Extras cover.

What is an antenatal program?

An antenatal program teaches you all about pregnancy, birth and parenthood before your baby is born.

What is the benefit of taking an antenatal program?

Research indicates that antenatal classes can make the birthing process easier. Women who have attended antenatal classes have fewer complications during labour and delivery.

They can also help to improve the physical and mental health of parents after the birth of the baby.

What hospital substitution programs does Frank offer?

We offer two different programs that allow you to be treated at home, instead of in hospital. They are Hospital in the Home and Rehabilitation in the Home.

Hospital in the Home (HITH)

What is Hospital in the Home?

Hospital in the Home is an alternative to being admitted to hospital or continuing a hospital stay. It allows you to be treated your hospital doctor and a team of nursing staff in your own home.

What types of services are available at home through HITH?

Examples of included services:

  • Acute/Complex Nursing
  • Medication Management
  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Stomal Therapy
  • Acute Mental Health
  • Continence Management
Am I eligible for HITH?

Anyone with Frank Hospital cover can access this service. To qualify for this service you must:

  • Have been assessed as being clinically stable
  • Have access to adequate home support such as a carer or caregiver
  • Be living in an environment suitable to your needs, i.e. ramps, handrails where required
  • Have adequate telephone access
  • Be suitable for HITH treatment
How long can I have HITH?

The length of treatment will be determined by a clinical case manager, in collaboration with your doctor, based on clinical needs.

Rehabilitation in the Home

What is Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH)?

Rehabilitation in the Home (RITH) is an at-home alternative to inpatient rehabilitation. Our RITH program allows suitable members to undertake all or part of their rehab following a hospital stay in their own home.

What types of procedures are eligible for RITH?

You may be suitable following a wide range of medical and surgical conditions including:

  • Joint Replacement i.e. hip or knee
  • Fractures
  • Spinal conditions
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Cardiac conditions
  • Neurological conditions including stroke
  • Mobility problems and recurrent falls
  • Deconditioning
Am I eligible for RITH?

Anyone with Frank Hospital cover can access this service, provided you have adequate home support and it is safe to do so.

What services are included in RITH?

It varies from case to case, but the services offered may include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing and care coordination.

Who assesses my suitability of RITH?

RITH staff will ensure a home is safe, assess the member’s condition and provide a treatment program aimed at restoring strength and mobility.

How long can I have RITH?

The length of treatment will be determined by a clinical case manager, in collaboration with your doctor, based on medical needs.

How do I access these services?

If you would like to be treated or recover at home via the HITH or RITH programs, please contact the Frank team to check your eligibility. Alternatively you can ask your treating doctor or discharge coordinator at the hospital about a HITH or RITH referral.

What is Chronic Disease?

Chronic diseases are conditions/diseases that last longer than 6 months such as diabetes, heart disease or arthritis.

What is the Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP)?

The Chronic Disease Management Program (CDMP) exists for Frank members on hospital cover who experience or are at risk of chronic disease. Members are offered both phone-based and home-based support and health advice through Remedy Healthcare.

Who is Remedy Healthcare?

Remedy has provided evidence-based, person-centred health coaching and home care services throughout Australia since 1998. Their CDMP has been proven to reduce risk factors associated with common conditions.

What kind of support does the CDMP provide?

It varies from case to case, but services may include:

  • Phone-based health coaching, goal setting and monitoring
  • Phone and face-to-face intervention and monitoring
  • High-end complex care coordination
  • Information and advice about managing health and returning to wellbeing
  • Information and advice on identifying early warning signs of problems and how to manage these problems safely e.g. when to go to the GP or call the ambulance
  • Plans to manage on going chronic illness and the acute unwell phases of the disease
  • Strategies and plans to help you take action before hospital admission becomes necessary
Am I eligible for CDMP?

Members with hospital cover and have a chronic disease are eligible at no extra cost.

How do I access this service?

If you believe CDMP might be right for you contact us. For more information about Remedy visit their website.


Frank reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time, or to change the terms in which the service is provided to members.